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Rules and Regulations

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Natural Resources

Title R634. Administration. HTML compressed RTF
Title R637. Energy and Resource Planning. HTML compressed RTF
Title R638. Geological Survey. HTML compressed RTF
Title R641. Oil, Gas and Mining Board. HTML compressed RTF
Title R642. Oil, Gas and Mining; Administration. HTML compressed RTF
Title R643. Oil, Gas and Mining; Abandoned Mine Reclamation. HTML compressed RTF
Title R645. Oil, Gas and Mining; Coal. HTML compressed RTF
Title R647. Oil, Gas and Mining; Non-Coal. HTML compressed RTF
Title R649. Oil, Gas and Mining; Oil and Gas. HTML compressed RTF
Title R651. Parks and Recreation. HTML compressed RTF
Title R652. Forestry, Fire and State Lands. HTML compressed RTF
Title R653. Water Resources. HTML compressed RTF
Title R655. Water Rights. HTML compressed RTF
Title R657. Wildlife Resources. HTML compressed RTF

To locate current information on Utah statutes and the constitution, go to http://www.le.state.ut.us/.  


Title 40 Chapter 01     Mining Claims
WP Zipped -- 20,557 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 02     Coal Mines
WP Zipped -- 10,242 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 05     Miscellaneous Safety Provisions
WP Zipped -- 2,712 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 06     Board and Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
WP Zipped -- 64,931 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 07     Oil and Gas Compact
WP Zipped -- 6,075 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 08     Utah Mined Land Reclamation Act
WP Zipped -- 62,359 bytes
Title 40 Chapter 10     Coal Mining and Reclamation
WP Zipped -- 123,797 bytes

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