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January 2020, 2017-013-A RO&G-2017-01-A Forced Pooling

Master File

Docket Date Description
2017-013-A 20191113 Order Sua Sponte
2017-013-A 20191113 Notice Of Hearing
2017-013-A 20191118 UPA Commentary On Proposed Final Compulsory Pooling Rules
2017-013-A 20191118 Utah Office Of General Counsel Comments Regarding R649-1-1
2017-013-A 20191118 Motion For Allowance Of Telephonic Electronic Participation And Proposed Order
2017-013-A 20191120 Order Allowing Telephonic Electronic Participation
2017-013-A 20191120 Strong and Hanni Commentary On Proposed Final Compulsory Pooling Rules
2017-013-A 20191120 Informal Rulemaking Record
2017-013-A 20191120 Proposed Alternative Regulatory Language
2017-013-A 20191120 Furlong and Garcia Comment Letter
2017-013-A 20191125 EP Energys Demonstrative Exhibit
2017-013-A 20200128 Hunter Comment Letter
2017-013 20200417 UPA Comment Letter
2017-013 20200421 Divisions Presentation Operatorship Rulemaking
2017-013 20200421 Hunter Comment Letter
2017-013 20200526 DOGMs Presentation OperatorshipRulemaking

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